About me — Susan McCorkindale

First up: McCorkindale is my stage name

Susan McCorkindale
2 min readNov 30, 2021


Me with my new husband, Robert. I took his last name (McCord) but kept McCorkindale for professional purposes. And because the McCord clan was subordinate to the McCorkindale clan.

Hi! I’m Susan McCorkindale.

I’ve been writing since my parents gave me my first black and white composition notebook when I was about four. My work wasn’t any good, but that didn’t stop me from chasing them around the house trying to read it to them.

Beyond being a writer and an author (I publish under McCorkindale, thus the whole stage name thing), I’m also a mom, newlywed (I got remarried last year), and magazine editor.

I love my job and get a kick out of posting selfies all over social media when a new issue comes out.

I’m also a forever Jersey Girl who writes about the joys and trials of parenting, my passion for thrillers, my battles with anxiety, and the importance of resilience. I also like to geek out about gratitude because, to paraphrase Jen Sincero, it really is the gateway to awesomeness.

Let’s see, what else?

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