My boys are coming! My boys are coming!

Susan McCorkindale
3 min readNov 22, 2021

I’ve missed them so much

Today’s the day. Both my sons are coming to see us in Florida. I saw Casey briefly in November when we flew to Virginia to watch him in the Special Olympics Soccer Championship,

but I haven’t seen Cuyler since August. August. Three months is a long time to go without seeing the baby of the family.

We have lots of plans for them while they’re here.

First there will be the parental right of hugging, kissing, and generally making an embarrassing (to them) scene at the airport.

Then there will be massages for Casey and Rob (Casey LOVES a good massage), Pilates for Cuyler and me (he turned me on to this particular form of torture and now he will join me for it, and I will watch him suffer!), and golf for all who’d like to partake.

I shall abstain from that activity as we’d like not to lose our membership at the club. Don’t ask. You don’t want to know about my spectacular lack of talent with a golf club. Frightening almost sums it up.

Casey and Rob at the golf course. Note that I am not in the picture. And I didn’t take it.

There will also be a celebration of Casey’s birthday as he just turned 30, something I still can’t believe as I am only 25, complete with his favorite meal of chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce. Then there will be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, his (and my hips’) favorite dessert, and of course presents.

Since they’re visiting for Thanksgiving, there will ultimately be turkey. Lots of turkey. Once, when we take our turkey legs to the beach where they will no doubt be dropped in the sand and rinsed in the surf while we attempt to take what I’ve been calling our Turkey on the Beach Christmas picture, (as with all my wacky ideas, this one will definitely go awry but it’ll make a great memory)…