Playing Small is Canceled

I’ve made an executive decision

Susan McCorkindale
2 min readJan 23, 2020


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

I’ve made an executive decision. Now and for the rest of our lives, there’ll be no more playing small. There’ll be no more belittling and questioning our talents, hiding them from the world, and suffering because of it.

You’re probably thinking, “Who are you, Susan McCorkindale, to make such a decision?” so I’ll tell you: I’m a successful keynote speaker and an author and to achieve both those goals — after having been raised by parents so lovely and self-deprecating they could give a master class in playing small — I had to find my own way to having what I call big faith in myself and my talents.

Along that journey to believing in myself and building that big faith, I discovered the brilliant Marianne Williamson and her world-renowned quote that says,

The moment I read those words I decided never again to question my talent. Yes, I’d keep working and improving and honing my skills, but no longer would I berate and belittle myself. I would instead embrace my light and go for it: get my book published, take the stage and inspire others.

I’d like you to embrace your light, too.

Let’s set the example for our kids and for the young people we work with who are killing themselves climbing that ladder. Let’s show them that it’s not just ok to believe in themselves, but that it’s a necessity.

Ms. Williamson is right. We are powerful beyond all measure. And for that reason alone, playing small is cancelled.

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