Going to Hope

For five people, we’ve pulled out all the stops

Susan McCorkindale


Photo by Rose Erkul on Unsplash

There are five people missing in a submersible and, God bless us human beings, hundreds of people at a cost of thousands of dollars, are trying to find and rescue them.

For five people, we’ve pulled out all the stops.

I love that. It warms my insides. It brings tears to my eyes.

I pray they find them alive because, for starters, they’re people and there isn’t a single one of us that wants to die. But also because I want them to feel the love of all those trying to find them, their families praying fervently for their safe return, and the rest of us watching the news, scanning the updates on our phones looking for good news, and praying.

For five people we don’t know, we’ve pulled out all the stops.

Despite lots of evidence to the contrary, this country, the world, is not going to Hell. It’s going to hope.

No. It’s gone to hope.

Meet me there.

Together we can pray they find these people in time. And maybe you’ll join me in hoping and praying that my son is also rescued.

I’m not ready to write about it. I can barely stand to think about it.

I can only hope.

Question for you: Is being hopeful a form of resilience? I’m hoping to hear from you. Thank you.